Attrakt CEO, “I’m Grateful That My Dignity Is Restored” +  Plans For New Girlgroup 

Even after the ruling on the dismissal of FIFTY FIFTY’s application for suspension of the exclusive contract, there was no time for Attrakt CEO to take a breath

In June, FIFTY FIFTY filed an application to terminate its contract with Attrakt with reasons such as lack of support capabilities. However, the 50th Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Central District Court decided to dismiss the group’s application on August 28. FIFTY FIFTY has appealed against the court’s ruling.

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However, FIFTY FIFTY’s counter move is unlikely to overturn the rejection, and it may be impossible for the group to make a comeback due to unfavorable public criticism and negative evaluation by the industry in many ways. 

Its compilation EP album “The Beginning,” which was released on September 22, was also an album included in the contract when production was already finished, not an album that hinted at FIFTY FIFTY’s comeback. Of course, it was a repackaged album with no new songs. CEO Jeon Hong-joon said, “Attrakt signed an agreement with Warner Records and this is a compilation album for local K-pop fans in the U.S. Before the contract dispute with the members, I met with Warner Records CEO in the U.S. on May 31 and completed a related oral agreement, and returned to Korea in June to continue working with our staff. After signing the contract in early July, the work was sent to the United States in early August. At that time, I carried out the work believing that the members would return quickly,” he explained.

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CEO Jeon Hong-joon then said, “If the dismissal is ruled, we should make a comeback now, but it’s a pity that the members are still gaslighted by CEO Ahn.”

Back in July, CEO Jeon Hong-joon was still desperately hoping to meet the members as soon as possible so both sides could make peace and apologize.

“Honestly, two members are minors, and their parents probably don’t know this either. How do you know all these situations? It’s all understandable and I also want to start over by reconciling with each other so that we can start again,” he said at the time.

CEO Jeon Hong-joon was contacted again two months later, but now he said, “I’m grateful to everyone because I think I’ve recovered my dignity,” but also hinted that he was busy preparing for the next move.

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Attrakt is currently embarking on a new girl group launch project aimed at debuting next year. All members of the new girl group will be selected through an audition program, and the entire process will be open to the public. 

On top of that, Attract has also succeeded in attracting 10 billion won worth of investment from Singapore investors, laying the groundwork for preparing for the new girl group.

CEO Jeon Hong-joon plans to concentrate on his role as a producer directly toward the launch of a new girl group.

Source: naver

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