Actress Jeon Do Yeon in person feels like a mythical creature

Director Byun Sung Hyun of Netflix film”Kill Boksoon”, said that Jeon Do Yeon is “an actress who felt like a haetae (mythical unicorn lion)”.

Byun Sung Hyun, the director behind “Kill Boksoon”, has thought of Jeon Do Yeon as his idol since he was young. Recently, he got the chance to work on his fifth feature commercial film with Jeon Do Yeon, and compared the actress to a mythical creature.

Jeon Do Yeon appeared as a CF model in 1990 and has already worked in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years. There are a lot of anecdotes related to Jeon Do Yeon in the film industry. Those who passed by her in a certain work or on set all talked about her. She seems to have left a special impression that everyone couldn’t help but reveal.

Jeon Do Yeon

How can such an actress not feel like a “haetae”? In commemoration of the release of “Kill Boksoon”, actress Jeon Do Yeon had an interview with the press at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul, where she overwhelmed people simply by saying “Welcome” with her bare face.

Despite having answered about 20 reporters in the first round of the interview, Jeon Do Yeon didn’t seem to be tired at all. Receiving congratulations for “Kill Boksoon” ranking No.1 on the non-English movie global chart, the actress smiled brightly and said, “There are days like this too. Please congratulate me a lot”.

Jeon Do Yeon did not repeat her words and every answer felt like it was said for the first time, even if she received the same question in the next interview.

On that day, Jeon Do Yeon’s outfits were simple, and her hair was not styled at all. It felt like she had just washed her hair at home and let it dry in the natural wind. Her appearance was completely different from the image of Gil Bok Soon in the movie or in the photos provided for the interview. Someone in the movie industry once said, “She played a lot of characters who are treated badly in her projects, but she actually looks very comfortable and chill in real real life”.

Jeon Do Yeon

Through this interview, her professionalism drew attention again. Some may consider that dressing up, and doing hair and makeup before an interview is professional. However, the value of an interview is the content. It is more important to have a sincere and in-depth conversation about the actor’s work and acting. Even when actors dress up fancy, if they keep repeating rehearsed stories, the interview becomes meaningless.

During the interview, Jeon Do Yeon looked at the reporters surrounding her carefully. She made eye contact with each reporter who was giving her questions and even made jokes to make the atmosphere more comfortable. It was this moment that the title “veteran actress” truly fit Jeon Do Yeon. Despite working with more than 10 reporters at the same time, her concentration, relaxation, and manners made each reporter feel like they were doing a solo interview. This may be the reason why Jeon Do Yeon is considered a top-notch actress.

Source: Daum

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