“As skinny as Jang Won Young”… BLACKPINK Rosé is so thin that fans can count the number of her ribs

For girl groups, dieting is normal.

This is because you have no choice but to lose weight in order to prevent looking plump on the camera screen.

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There are stars who unintentionally expose their “ribs” on stage as they control their weight excessively even though they are thin enough.

BLACKPINK, which is carrying out their world tour with the largest scale among K-pop girl groups, held a concert in Houston, USA last October amid enthusiastic responses.

blackpink concert

On this day, BLACKPINK members performed a number of hit songs in costumes reminiscent of “female warriors”.

All 4 of them made fans’ hearts flutter with various charms, but attention was focused on Rosé’s physique.

blackpink concert

This is because Rosé, who is originally skinny, recently lost more weight. Her rib line looked prominent.

Although the scene was captured momentarily, fans expressed concerns such as “I don’t know if she’s sick or not” and “Is it because she’s too busy?

blackpink concert

In fact, Rosé is famous as a celebrity who has strict self-discipline.

Last May, Rosé confessed in an interview with Elle Korea, “I get puffy a lot. I try not to eat late at night.

She is 168cm tall and weighs 44kg. She is prone to getting puffy easily even though she is skinny, so she has no choice but to control her diet.

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Rosé shared, “I try not to eat the day before filming. If I’m hungry at night, I just endure it as much as I can. I try not to eat at all.

She then added, “When I work, I get to want tteokbokki or any other spicy foods. Those make me puffy. So while I’m filming, I try to eat veggies like salad.

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