Jun Ji Hyun’s famous acting as if she was possessed by something on “Assassination”

Jun Ji Hyun’s famous line on “Assassination” was acknowledged by both professionals and the public audience.

“Assassination” is a Korean period espionage action film released in 2015, co-written and directed by director Choi Dong Hoon. The film, mainly set in 1930s Seoul and Shanghai during the Japanese occupation of Korea, depicts a group of Korean resistance fighters’ plan to assassinate a highly-ranked Japanese officer. The film drew over 12.7 million viewers and is currently the eighth-highest-grossing movie in Korean film history.

jun ji hyun

In the movie, when asked by Hawaii Pistol (Ha Jung Woo) why they were fighting for independence, the character Ahn Ok Yoon has left a famous saying, “We have to tell them, tell them why we fight.”

It is a famous line that symbolizes the movie “Assassination” and has become known as a line that represents the hearts of independence activists. Even academia recognizes this line as an accurate expression of the feelings of independence activists at the time.

jun ji hyun

As it is a famous line, director Choi Dong Hoon and the staff, who directly watched Jun Ji Hyun‘s performance at the time when she was acting out the scene, responded that Jun Ji Hyun seemed like she was possessed by something while doing that scene. Jun Ji Hyun was perfectly immersed in Ahn Ok Yoon’s situation, and it is said that everyone behind the camera watched her performance while holding their breath as she calmly acted her lines in tears.

Source: Daum

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