Most “pushed” by SM, this NCT127 member is now the richest in the group 

With his outstanding talent, visuals, and support from the company, NCT’s Taeyong is making banks at the age of 28.

Taeyong is one of the most outstanding NCT members. In the fixed subunit NCT127, Taeyong is the leader, visual center, main dancer, main rapper. At the age of 28, Taeyong is also an example of “Young and Rich” among idols. However, his health is worrying fans.


Taeyong has been pushed by SM Entertainment since before NCT debuted. When he was only 18, the male idol took part in a poster photo shoot for SBS’s drama “To The Beautiful You”. He also featured in Red Velvet’s “Be Natural” and participated in EXO’s “90: 2014.” 

NCT Taeyong predebut

Right from the early days of NCT’s debut, Taeyong has received a lot of attention because of his handsome appearance. Knowing Taeyong’s charm, SM pushes him to the front and center a lot. Whether in the whole NCT or subunits, Taeyong always stands in the center. NCT was even called “Taeyong and friends” because of this.

NCT song line

In addition to music, Taeyong also entered the field of fashion, composing, and producing. He is active in NCT units such as NCT U, NCT 127 and the super boy group SuperM. In July 2019, Taeyong also released his first solo song. When he first debuted, Taeyong was wrapped up in bullying controversy, but SM has debunked this to protect Taeyong.

Turning 28 this year, Taeyong owns a huge fortune. He is reportedly the richest member of NCT 127. According to the South China Morning Post, his current net worth is about 9 million USD.

His career is successful, but Taeyong recently made fans worry when he revealed an alarming health condition.  Specifically, in a video on “GYM Jong Kook”, Taeyong said he suffered serious pains to the point that he felt paralyzed in his lower body. Hearing this, fans hope SM will give Taeyong time to rest and take care of himself.

NCT Taeyong

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