TWICE Jihyo’s younger sister, rookie actress Lee Ha Eum resembles BLACKPINK’s Jennie with her chic visuals 

TWICE member Jihyo’s younger sister Lee Ha Eum is preparing to debut as an actress.

Recently, Star House Entertainment posted a video introducing Lee Ha Eum, saying, “Star House’s new actor, Lee Ha Eum.”

Lee Ha-eum

In the video, Lee Ha Eum boasts pretty in only a basic white T-shirt and jeans. In the other outfits that follow, her urban and chic charms are also seen.

TWICE Jihyo‘s younger sister, Park Ji Young, has been working as a model under the stage name Lee Ha Eum.

Lee Ha-eum

In response, fans left comments such as “Wow, she’s really pretty”, “She looks like Jennie”, and “She’s cute”, “The DNA in Jihyo’s family is superior. I hope she’ll find a good project soon and become a great actress.”

Source: Nate

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