BIGBANG wins triple crown on music shows despite not doing promotions

BIGBANG just won a “triple crown” on Inkigayo, winning against (G)I-DLE and IVE.

The winner, BIGBANG with Still Life, was announced on May 1 on the weekly SBS music show Inkigayo. Pitting against two on-trend groups (G)I-DLE and IVE, BIGBANG came out on top by a razor-thin score.

Bigbang-Still Life

This win marks BIGBANG‘s third consecutive trophy in Inkigayo. This is also the second time BIGBANG has won a “triple crown” on weekly music shows with Still Life, after winning it on Mcountdown.

Even though they haven’t performed any Still Life stages, BIGBANG still keeps bringing home new trophies

Despite releasing only one MV, without promotion or live stage, Still Life still achieved good results. Still Life not only achieved PAK on digital music charts but also dominated weekly music shows. First place on this week’s Inkigayo is Still Life‘s 8th win on music shows. Taeyeon’s INVU and Still Life are the two songs released in 2022 to have the most wins on Korean music shows.

SNSD Taeyeon
BIGBANG comeback 2022
Taeyeon’s INVU and BIGBANG’s Still Life prove the undiminished popularity of 2nd gen idols

BIGBANG represents the right level of “Kpop king” as they currently have a total of 101 trophies on weekly music shows throughout their career. After 4 years, BIGBANG‘s charm has never waned in Korea!

Some comments from netizens:

  • Daebakk! They are the real legend!
  • Poor IVE. They are doing well but a little bit unlucky
  • Where can I find a group that has a hiatus of 4 years yet still has such a good track record?

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