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GOT7 Bam Bam and Lee Dae Ho join “Master in the House 2” as new members, filling Lee Seung Gi’s vacancy

“Master in the House 2” announced Bam Bam and Lee Dae Ho as new cast members.

Lee Dae Ho appeared as a master in the 4th and 5th episodes of “Master in the House”, which aired in January 2018. At that time, Lee Dae Ho said he was willing to show up on TV because it was Lee Seung Gi’s comeback variety show, proving his loyalty. He also played a major role in leading the rising popularity of “Master in the House”. After retiring, he has been active in various entertainment programs, such as JTBC’s “CK Monsters” and “Let’s eat GO”.

Lee Dae-ho Bambam

Bam Bam, the Thai member of the boy group GOT7, is famous for his sociable personality and ability to speak Korean fluently despite being a foreigner. He has also proved his witty talks and extraordinary sense of entertainment through various programs. Bam Bam recently starred in TVing’s hot dating show “Transit Love 2” and drew laughter with his funny comments.


 “Master in the House 2”, which will air in January after taking a three-month break, plans to focus on various trends that will heat up 2023. With this concept, the members will spend time digging into the new trends with the masters representing each field and predicting which ones will become the real trends.

Lee Dae Ho

However, it is still unknown whether Lee Seung Gi, who led Season 1, will return. Lee Seung Gi is currently in dispute with his agency HOOK Entertainment over the settlement of his music revenue. Therefore, Lee Seung Gi said he would not be able to join the production team in Season 2.

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In this regard, “Master in the House 2” production team said, “While waiting for Lee Seung Gi, we will start recording the new season with the existing members”, adding “It is still undecided when Lee Seung Gi will return. We hope Lee Seung Gi solves everything well and comes back soon.”

Fans are looking forward to seeing whether Lee Dae Ho and Bam Bam will be able to fill Lee Seung Gi’s vacancy together with the existing cast members and deliver more fun to viewers.

“Master in the House 2” will premiere on January 1.

Source: Nate

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