Husband of Ariana Grande refuses to divorce, wants “fairy tale, happy ending” 

Dalton Gomez believes Ariana Grande is his true significant other, even as the couple face a possible divorce and various difficulties. 

US Weekly said Ariana Grande’s husband – Dalton Gomez – did not want a divorce with Ariana Grande and hoped that they could overcome their differences and salvage their two-year marriage. 

Ariana Grand

An insider revealed, “A separation is not what he wanted. He wanted the fairy tale, happy ending, and it’s not looking that way.”

Meanwhile, a second source said, “Dalton is really hoping to make things work with Ariana.” This second source also added that both parties understood the struggles coming from continuing their relationship; however, the husband was not ready to give up on their marriage and hoped they could leave their past behind and continue building a new future as husband and wife. 

Ariana Grande

Recently, another insider source told People that Gomez and Grande’s marriage was coming to an end because they could not be together for most of their marriage. Having to maintain a long-distance relationship makes the “7 rings” singer feel she could not balance her personal and professional life. 

Dalton Gomez proposed to Ariana Grande in December 2020 with a diamond ring with a pearl nestled to the left of it. They got married in May 2021 at the singer’s private residence in California. 

Rumors of divorce came after Ariana Grande was spotted ringless at Wimbledon last week. The last time she was seen with her wedding ring was at Jeff Goldblum’s concert in April. 

Source: PS 

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