Apink Jung Eun-ji: “The smoking and cursing scenes in ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ surprised my parents”

Apink Jung Eun-ji mentioned her smoking and cursing scenes in TVING’s original series “Work Later, Drink Now”.

On November 30th, Jung Eun-ji conducted a wrap-up interview for TVING’s “Work Later, Drink Now”. In the drama, Jung Eun-ji takes on the role of Kang Ji-goo, an origami YouTuber who looks cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Along with Lee Sun-bin as Ahn So-hee and Han Sun-hwa as Han Ji-yeon, Jung Eun-ji captivated viewers with her realistic drunk scenes as well as emotional acting.

In particular, Kang Ji-goo is a defensive figure to others because of the pain she suffered when she was a teacher in the past. So if she was not convinced, she would curse without hesitation and walk her way while smoking imposingly.

Apink Jung Eun-ji Work Later Drink Now

Jung Eun-ji said, “I didn’t feel like it would be very difficult to act a smoking scene. However, when I held the cigarette, there was a camera in front of me, and everyone was watching to see if I could smoke well or not. This situation must have been really funny since I debuted as an APINK member. Everyone was pretending that they didn’t see it.”

She added, “In fact, it was not a real cigarette but a fake one. So it tasted like mugwort. I had a bad impression of this thing. I also contacted my parents in advance to tell them not to worry. But my younger brother called me. Even though I had noticed my parents before, it seems like they were still shocked to see the cigarette scene. My parents were startled to the point that they stopped eating during the meal.”

Apink Jung Eun-ji Work Later Drink Now

The same reactions also happened when it came to the cursing scene. Jung Eun-ji expressed her gratitude to fans, saying, “On Bubble, fans commented, ‘Unnie, you’re so scary’. But thankfully, this wasn’t something unfamiliar. When ‘Reply 1997’ was aired, there were many scenes that surprised fans. However, they now recognize me as my character’s image no matter what role I take on. I feel thankful to them whenever I work on a drama.”

Apink Jung Eun-ji Work Later Drink Now

“Work Later, Drink Now”, starring Jung Eun-ji, is a drama that tells about the daily lives of three women whose belief in life is one drink at the end of the day.

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