aespa’s Karina boasts unrealistically gorgeous visuals in comeback teasers for “Girls” 

Karina stuns in her individual batch of teasers for “Girls”. 

aespa will wrap up season 1 of its worldview in SMCU (SM Culture Universe) through the upcoming title track ‘Girls’ from the second mini-album of the same name with a strong and wild charm.

aepsa’s second mini-album ‘Girls’ will be released simultaneously in Korea and the US on July 8th. The album, which will show aespa’s colorful music, contains a total of 6 songs, including the title track ‘Girls’. 

‘Girls’ is a dance song with a strong wobble bass and a synth sound with rough texture. It is expected to showcase aespa members’ confident and eye-catching vocals and rap. 


In the lyrics, aespa and their avatars ae-aespa will continue a new story with their helper nævis after a battle with the villain ‘Black Mamba’. As the last episode of SMCU’s aespa worldview season 1, it is set to receive enthusiastic response from global K-pop fans.

In addition, at 12AM KST on June 29th, individual teaser images showing off the unrealistic visuals of member Karina were released through various SNS accounts of aespa. A 3D video featuring a gauntlet that demonstrates Karina’s abilities in the open worldview also raised expectations for the new album.


aespa has successfully completed ‘aespa Showcase SYNK in LA’ on June 26th and 27th (local time). On June 29th, they will appear on ABC’s popular late-night talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, and plans to continue active local activities such as the first appearance of a K-pop girl group in ‘Good Morning America (GMA) Summer Concert Series 2022’ on July 8th. 

Source: Daum

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