“It breaks my heart,” SEVENTEEN reported a sad news today

The8, a member of SEVENTEEN, will be absent from his group’s concert due to the flu.

On the afternoon of Dec 27th, Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN‘s agency, announced on the fan community Weverse that The8 will not attend the Jakarta concert due to a flu.

The agency announced, “The8 visited the hospital for flu symptoms and was treated. He is now taking a rest according to the recommendation of the medical staff.”

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“The8 was very willing to participate in the scheduled schedule, but we considered the medical staff’s opinion and the artist’s health as our top priority,” Pledis said. “We have decided that he will not attend the Jakarta concert on Dec 28th (Wednesday) local time in Indonesia.”

In addition, the agency said, “We will do our best to treat and help The8 recover so that he can meet fans in good health as soon as possible.”


The8 wrote on Weverse on the same day, “I recently felt unwell and tired at first. I thought it would get better when I woke up, but it got worse, so I went to the hospital and they said it was the flu. Don’t worry, everyone, I took my medications. I’m recovering well at home. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate in the concert. Don’t worry too much, I’m getting better. I will recover quickly and come back.

Under the post, fans rushed in to comment and cheer him up, saying, “Make sure to take medicine and eat well,” “Don’t be sick.” “Hope you get well soon,” “My heart is breaking even more,” “Don’t be sorry and just rest well,” and “Let’s meet again when you have fully recovered.”

SEVENTEEN is going on a world tour “BE THE SUN” to meet fans from 12 cities in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Jakarta, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, Singapore, Osaka, and Tokyo. The Jakarta concert in Indonesia will be held on Dec 28th (local time).

Source: Wikitree

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