Angelina Jolie’s email to ex-husband Brad Pitt suddenly revealed… “Alcoholic behavior harmed our family so deeply”

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s email to her ex-husband Brad Pitt after divorce has been revealed, drawing attention.

The email became known when Jolie submitted numerous records regarding the lawsuit to the court.

Jolie’s mail to Pitt in January last year was about the Winery business. The message began with Jolie saying she is “putting this in writing so not to get emotional” before detailing her decision to sell Chateau Miraval Winery, which Pitt is part owner of.

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Jolie said, “It is the place we brought the twins home to, and where we were married over a plaque in my mother’s memory. A place that held the promise of what could be and where I thought I would grow old. Even now impossible to write this without crying. I will treasure my memories of what it was a decade ago.”

Jolie and Pitt got married on Aug 23rd, 2014 at a family chapel in Chateau Miraval Winery in France.

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Jolie emphasized, “But it is also the place that marks the beginning of the end of our family – and a business that is centered around alcohol.” It is an indirect reference to the fact that their divorce was due to Pitt’s alcoholism. Jolie went on to say, “In the last 4 years I have seen lots of inconsiderate behavior, money spent in ways that I would not have approved, and decisions made that I was not consulted on. I’ve been hurt by decisions that have been made that show no interest in sharing the business or changing it fundamentally into something that would be healthier for our children.”

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She added, “I was shaken by the recent imagery that was released to sell the alcohol. I find it irresponsible and not something that I would want the children to see. It reminded me of painful times. I do not feel I can be involved, publicly or privately, in a business based on alcohol, when alcoholic behavior harmed our family so deeply. I see two ways forward. What might be best for our whole family would be an outright sale. The alternative is that a complete buy out of my share in the property and business by you, the Perrin family or your associates.”

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Jolie concluded, “I cannot begin to express how upsetting it is for me to have to reach this point. Miraval for me died September 2016.”

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Jolie later sold her stake in Chateau Miraval Winery to Russian businessman oligarch Yuri Shefler this year. This is because Pitt did not buy Jolie’s stake. However, Pitt accused Jolie of “selling her stake to a stranger” without consulting him and “damaging the company’s reputation”.

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