Will Jessica make her re-debut in a Chinese girl group on Girls’ Generation’s 15th anniversary? 

Jessica is gearing up for her second debut, 8 years after leaving Girls’ Generation. 

Former Girls’ Generation Jessica is competing for her second debut as a girl group member, attracting many fans’ attention as it has been a long time since Jessica’s last activities as a singer. At the same time, Girls’ Generation is celebrating their 15th debut anniversary this year by making a full-group comeback this August. Therefore, attention is being paid to whether Jessica will be able to achieve another dream in China and return to the music scene at the same time as her ex-group.

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Jessica is currently participating in the Chinese survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3” as a contestant with the goal of re-debuting in a girl group, and performing on stage as a singer after a long time. 

jessica jung instagram

Perhaps because of her lack of activities in Korea, Jessica’s Chinese survival show appearance attracted a lot of attention early on. Fans and netizens have been excited to see Jessica in a girl group again since she left Girls’ Generation in 2014. Because Jessica only released her solo albums after departing from Girls’ Generation, her re-appearance on stage as a girl group member inevitably became a hot topic even before the show premiered. 

In “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, Jessica boasts sophisticated stage styling, attractive visuals,and unchanging skills. Above all, her stage presence and visuals remind fans of her heyday in Girls’ Generation and why she was one of the most outstanding members during the group’s active years. 

What’s interesting is that Jessica is appearing in “Sisters Who Make Waves 3” with Gillian Chung, the ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend Tyler Kwon. Jessica and Gillian Chung’s bizarre connection has become netizens’ gossip since the show started. This made Jessica’s girl group re-debut even more buzzworthy.

jessica jung instagram

Jessica seems to be enjoying her dream of re-debuting in a girl group. She frequently posted photos of her performances in “Sisters Who Make Waves” on Instagram. 

Expectations are high as to whether Jessica will successfully regain her former presence as a girl group member 8 years after parting ways with Girls’ Generation. As 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of her debut in Girls’ Generation, Jessica’s upcoming move also draws curiosity. 

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