“Power abuse again vs. forced controversy,” Netizens are arguing after seeing Irene at the airport

Red Velvet Irene (real name Bae Joo-hyun), who was embroiled in a controversy over abusing her power, is making headlines again among netizens.

On July 29th, an article titled “Irene went on vacation with ‘staff’ who are close to her” was posted on an online community.

The writer said, “Recently, Irene announced that she would go on vacation with the staff who are her close friends and reveal her comfortable and unpretentious appearances through an entertainment program. However, after seeing the photos taken at their actual vacation destination, I feel weird.

The released photo shows Irene at an airport in Bali, with several staff accompanying her.

Red Velvet Irene

In particular, Irene was walking with a bag hanging on her shoulder, while the accompanying staff was pushing a carrier full of luggage.

In response, the writer said, “The photo was taken in Bali as of May 23rd,” adding, “All the luggage is being dragged by the staff, even though she said they were real friends going on a trip together. Who would make their friend pick up all their luggage on vacation? This is really disgusting,” the writer said.


Netizens who saw the photo showed negative reactions, such as “I guess she is still treating staff like her servants,” “Don’t hold onto it like that even if it’s just a concept,” and “People will never change.

On the other hand, some said, “It must be a working staff who just went to film content,” “This controversy is too forced,” “I think all celebrities will have the staff take their luggage,” and “The witch hunt is severe.”

Earlier on the 25th, OTT service seezn said, “Seezn original series ‘Irene’s Work & Holiday’ will be released on August 4th.”

“Irene’s Work & Holiday” (produced by SM C&C STUDIO, directed by Jin Sun-mi) is a reality that shows the appearance of both Irene of Red Velvet and Bae Joo-hyun, a human being who went on vacation with her real friends who has been there for her from the beginning of her debut.

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