“I felt like I shouldn’t approach her carelessly”… What did Park Eun-bi’s schoolmates talk about her?

Past stories about actress Park Eun-bin, who is gaining huge popularity with her appearance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, drew keen attention from netizens.

On a broadcast in the past, Youtuber Haejoo, known as an alumnus at Park Eun-bin’s elementary-middle school, said, “I’m not close to Eun-bin at all. At that time, she was really the best.

Park Eun Bin School

Haejoo said, “Eun-bin was really nice, pretty and good at studying. She was really outstanding. I felt like I shouldn’t approach her carelessly as a friend.

An Internet user A also shared, “Eun-bin probably doesn’t know me but Eun-bin and I went to the same high school. We once studied in the same classroom and the wind from the air conditioner was too strong. It was really cold but everyone kept enduring it because we found it annoying to do something. I remember Eun-bin confidently turned off the air conditioner and then went back to her seat with her face turning red. She was a quiet friend”.

Park Eun-bin
Park Eun-bin

University friend B said, “She was a friend who not only attended classes and did the tests faithfully but also studied very hard”, adding “People talked a lot about special admission for celebrities at that time but there was no such controversy among our schoolmates and enrolled students because only a few freshmen studied as hard as Park Eun-bin.

Another university friend C shared, “I used to study in the same class as Park Eun-bin and I saw her going to the library whenever she didn’t have classes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she might have reserved a seat in the library”, adding “We had some talks to each other since we were in the same group, and I could feel that she had many deep thoughts about acting.

park eun bin

C continued, “I envied that she knew exactly what she wanted to do and had great affection for acting. Also, I’ve never seen any attitude of someone with special treatment from her. She was very nice.

In response to these stories, netizens commented, “We went to the same university and she was famous for not being absent from classes”, I think I’ve fallen for her”, “Korean version of Hermione”, “I want to meet her in personㅠㅠㅠ”, “I can tell what a person she is just by looking at her shining eyes”, etc.

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