Baek A-yeon “J. Y. Park’s marriage monetary gift, it was nice”

Singer Baek A-yeon revealed that J. Y. Park attended her wedding

On the Nov 6th broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”, singers Baek A-yeon and Yoo Sung-eun appeared as guests.

Baek A-yeon shared her recent status, saying that she got married in August. DJ Park Myung-soo asked if she is satisfied with her married life.

Baek A yeon

Baek A-yeon expressed her satisfaction with her married life, “I’m happy with it.” To this, Park Myung-soo inquired about the guests at her wedding, asking, “Did many of your colleagues attend?” Baek A-yeon replied, “That’s right. When I said I was getting married, people exclaimed, ‘What? A baby will get married?’

Baek A-yeon also mentioned that J. Y. Park, the head of her former agency JYP Entertainment, attended her wedding. Park Myung-soo asked if J. Y. Park had given a generous monetary gift, to which Baek A-yeon replied with a smile, “It was nice.”

Source: Daum

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