Sunye suddenly makes a comeback after leaving Wonder Girls

What happened on August 7th in the past?

It was reported that the former member of the popular group Wonder Girls, Sunye, after a long time of her retirement from the entertainment industry because of marriage, recently suddenly signed an exclusive contract with her agency. Compared with Lee Seok Won, who was a member of the group Sister’s Barbershop, Lee was the one who has completely left the entertainment industry.

Sunye suddenly makes a comeback after leaving Wonder Girls

Let’s come back to August 7th, 3 years ago to see what happened on that day that #Wondergirls Sunye re-signed a contract with her agency just three years after retiring in 2015

The entertainment industry was startled to know Sunye was looking for a return on August 7, 2018. There seemed to be no support for her return because she had suddenly left the career to live her own life.

Sunye’s seemed to change a lot since she announced her dating until she got married. When she was still a member of Wonder Girls in 2011, Sunye announced on SBS’s variety show “Strong Heart” that she was dating. Later in 2013, she married a Korean-Canadian missionary named James Park, becoming the first person to get married while being an active idol.

Sunye suddenly makes a comeback after leaving Wonder Girls

However, Sunye, the leader of Wonder Girls, was criticized and be told to leave the group for being irressponsible because of her dating and marriage. The issue made Wonder Girls take a long break and the view of netizens on her was not so good. Later, Sunye gave birth to her 2 daughters in Canada then officially announced her leaving Wonder Girls on July 20, 2015.

Criticism towards Sunye became less intense after she stopped all activities in the entertainment industry. However, in February 2018, Sunye started to be active again with her appearance on a JTBC’s show called “The Stranger”. At the show, she revealed her life with her husband and children. Leaving Wonder Girls and showbiz after causing so much damage to the group, she expressed that she had to return to the entertainment industry due to her needs. Netizens commented on her returning saying “What if she ran out of money after 5 years”, “She is nothing without Wonder Girls, I’m surprised that there is still a company that accept her”, “I thought she got married and walked on a flower road. It seems like life could change anyone.”

Sunye suddenly makes a comeback after leaving Wonder Girls
Sunye’s photo posted by Polaris Entertainment

Of course, Sunye’s return was welcomed but might still be criticized despite her good performance in entertainment activities. In the end, Sunye signed with Polaris Entertainment in August 7, 2018 and announced her official return. Sunye and James Park had had 3 daughters aged 9, 6 and 3.

In November 2020, Sunye released “First Page” collaborating with Jo Kwon, a singer who is also her childhood friend.


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