Honey Lee showed off her slim body in the 5th month of pregnancy and delivered her recent status of driving a foreign car in cold weather

Actress Honey Lee revealed her current situation. She seems to have become prettier after marriage.

On February 20th, Honey Lee posted 2 photos on SNS and wrote, “End of winter”.

The released photos showed Honey Lee doing some poses while standing next to a white Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot.

Appearing in a khaki coat and a shawl, Honey Lee posed by putting the hot packs on her two ears. She also showed off her goddess visual of a former Miss Korea with a bright smile.

Knowing Honey Lee is currently in the 5th month of her pregnancy, netizens were surprised and wondered, “Maybe because she is wearing a coat, but her body looks so skinny”.

In her post caption, the actress pleasantly revealed how she has been doing, saying, “Wow, I came out for a drive. It’s the end of winter, but be careful of the cold, everyone! Take care of your health”.

Honey Lee married her non-celebrity boyfriend on December 21st last year. She is expected to give birth to her child in June.

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