Not “Hospital Playlist” season 3, Jeon Mi Do to reportedly make a comeback in the musical “Sweeney Todd” 

Jeon Mi Do is back on the musical stage after 6 years. 

Jeon Mi Do is making a comeback in the musical “Sweeney Todd”. Set in 19th century England, a period of time filled with anxiety and fear, “Sweeney Todd” is a thriller musical play in which Sweeney Todd, formerly known as Benjamin Barker, a barber, takes revenge on Judge Turpin and the absurd world that drove him to misery.

Producer Shin Chunsoo of the play said, “The musical ‘Sweeney Todd’ stars cast members who can express their characters perfectly. They will transform into intense characters in an attractive way with delicate sensibility. You can expect them to deliver a highly addictive and absorbing stage that matches the ‘shocking masterpiece’.”

Kang Pil Seok, Shin Sung Rok, and Lee Kyu Hyung will appear on stage as the new cast for the role of Sweeney Todd, a barber who returned after 15 years of unfair imprisonment after losing his wife and daughter. Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji Hyun, and Lina will take on the role of Mrs. Lovett, a pie shop owner and Sweeney Todd’s partner in crime.

In particular, Jeon Mi Do, who exceeded expectations every time with her impeccable acting skills on stage, is returning to the theater after 6 years with the role of Mrs. Lovett. She is expected to captivate the audience with her own unique aura.

“Sweeney Todd” will be performed at Charlotte Theater in Seoul starting from Thursday, December 1.

Source: daum

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