4 actresses with admirably successful careers even though they don’t have Korean-standard beauty

Although they do not possess the standard Korean beauty with big round double eyelids, attractive hourglass bodies, or excellent height, these actresses still conquer the audience’s hearts with their outstanding acting skills.

In the Korean entertainment industry, beauty is an extremely important factor contributing to the popularity of a celebrity. However, there are still special cases of actresses who, even though don’t possess a “Korean standard” beauty, are still the pride of the Korean film industry thanks to their top acting ability. The 4 actresses below are the best examples of this saying.

1. Gong Hyo Jin

Despite having a really glorious acting career with many successful works, actress Gong Hyo Jin often receives mixed opinions about her appearance. The actress once had to apologize to a netizen who said that she wasn’t pretty enough compared to her co-star in “When the Camellia Blooms”.

Despite such negative comments, Gong Hyo Jin still does her best in each role and achieves excellent success in her career.

2. Kim Go Eun

In the first years of her career, Kim Go Eun was also chastised by many netizens for her appearance when she often had the chance to co-star with top Korean actors like Gong Yoo or Lee Min Ho. Overcoming all the malicious comments, the actress becomes one of the most prominent actresses in the film industry thanks to her outstanding acting ability and is said to be the “muse” of many famous directors.

3. Park So Dam

Actress Park So Dam has also been criticized many times by the public for her appearance, especially for her rather small monolid eyes. Ignoring those criticisms, Park So Dam is now a bright star of the Korean entertainment industry thanks to her excellent performance in the film considered “the pride of Asia”, Parasite. Currently, Park So Dam’s career has somewhat slowed down due to health reasons, but the audience still has absolute faith in her that she will achieve much stronger success in the near future.

4. Kim Da Mi

Ever since she was a rookie, Kim Da Mi has enjoyed great success with her successful debut role in “The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion” and later works such as Itaewon Class, Our Beloved Summer, … More fortunate than her three seniors mentioned above, Kim Da Mi did not receive too many negative comments about her appearance. However, the actress’s appearance is also said to be somewhat different, not the kind of sweet and gentle beauty that often seen in Korean showbiz.

Source: k14

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