Angela Baby Faces Backlash for Coming to Watch BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse Show, Even Getting Backlisted in China? 

Angela Baby’s new dramas are also affected by the controversy over her appearance at Lisa’s Crazy Horse show  

Throughout the week, BLACKLINK Lisa’s performance at the Crazy House cabaret in France has been embroiled in controversy. But it’s not just Lisa, but also other members of BLACKPINK, Lisa’s family, and celebrities who came to support, couldn’t avoid the criticism. Notably, two Chinese celebrities, Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang, have faced backlash for visiting Crazy Horse to watch Lisa’s performance.

On October 3rd, according to Sohu, Angela Baby is being “blacklisted” due to criticism from Chinese netizens. Currently, CCTV has deleted Angela Baby’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala video. Furthermore, a source from Zhejiang TV revealed that the variety popular show “Keep Running” is postponed and the production team is considering removing Angela Baby from broadcasts due to the controversy.

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The reason why major TV stations have begun to “blacklist” Angela Baby is because she violated regulations for artists in China. According to Chinese laws, activities of an erotic nature or related to them are strictly prohibited. Lisa’s Crazy Horse show was licensed in France but falls under the category of banned content in China.

Previously, Crazy House clarified the reason for Lisa’s performance there, affirming the desire of both parties to express the symbolism of proud and free women. However, during her performance, Lisa still took off her clothes and even threw them at the audience. This behavior is considered inappropriate by many Chinese netizens. 

Lisa faced opposition before and after her performance at Crazy House. Details related to what she did during the show have also been revealed, further intensifying the public’s fierce criticism.

As a national media agency, CCTV always censors and controls content related to sensitive or controversial topics. In fact, the actions of Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang have become a major controversy even affecting major TV stations. 

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Being A-list celebrities with a massive fanbase in China, every action of Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang has a significant impact on their fans. The public believes that these two celebrities should have been aware of their influence and avoided controversy.

According to Sohu, apart from “Keep Running,” Angela Baby’s two new dramas, “Everlasting Longing” and “Back For You,” are also affected. In promotional posts for these two dramas on Weibo, there are numerous comments call for a boycott of Angela Baby. 

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If the release of these dramas are postponed due to Angela Baby’s controversy, the supporting cast will also be severely affected. Audiences are concerned about the future of other actors being caught up in Angela Baby’s controversy.

At the same tume, Lisa has been at the center of criticism after announcing her performance at Crazy Horse. Even a Chinese fan base of Lisa with over 50,000 followers on Weibo shut down, deleted all photos, and criticized the idol for her decision.

Source: K14

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