What happens when monolid idols have double eyelids

Here are idols who show off their softer charms that only their monolid can do, without the need for double eyelids.

They impressed everyone with their unique eyes. The long shape or the slightly raised curve of their eyes can be a point of attraction.

They are also called ‘Monolid Goddess’ and ‘Monolid Boss.’ They totally smash the stereotype that someone must have double eyelids to be pretty.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was called “SM Entertainment’s first ever monolid female idol” on the broadcast once.

What if those idols have double eyelids? They would make a strong impression with more distinct and powerful eyes. Let’s take a look at what if these monolid idols try to make their own double eyelids.

TWICE Dahyun
Red Velvet Seulgi
EXO Xiumin
BTOB Yook Sung Jae

Source: Dispatch

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