ChoA confessed, “I tend to think about what I couldn’t endure whenever I look at my parents who used to quarrel a lot”

ChoA revealed her dating style while appearing on a recent show.

In MBC every1’s “South Korean Foreigners” broadcast on October 13th, ChoA explained why she tends to set unbearable standards while dating.

Kim Yong-man asked ChoA, “You appeared on this show again after 3 months. How have you been?” and she answered, “I have become an MC for a newly launched show by MBC every1 called “Awesome Romance”. There are a lot of dating programs like this, and I have seen them all because I think they would be helpful.”


Then, Kim Yong-man continued to ask, “ChoA, what is your style while in a relationship?”. ChoA replied, “I felt something whenever I looked at my parents. They used to quarrel a lot. When they realized that they couldn’t change each other, they stopped quarreling. So I’m the kind of person who tends to think about what I can’t stand about my partner.”


Kim Yong-man said, “It’s like you think if this thing happens, you can forgive it. But if it goes beyond this limit, you will not endure it anymore?”. ChoA said, “I will think, ‘This is not going to work’, by myself”.


Kim Yong-man also turned to Lee Hye-jung and asked, “Is there anything you can’t endure until now?”. In response, Lee Hye-jung answered based on her experience, “Everything. I can’t stand everything. That’s why I think I’m still living. The most important is I had lived this year when I turned 43. People won’t change. They won’t change no matter what. So, I think the way that I endure is to develop my strength to recognize the shortcomings in my life.”

After that, Kim Yong-man commented, “In this way, not changing may be an advantage. Always stay the same”. Then, Lee Hye-jung made everyone laugh with her answer, “No. People may die because of that.”

Source: Nate

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