Angela Baby causes controversies over her fake eating scenes in drama and on TV show

Many Chinese stars have been criticized for doing fake mukbang scenes.

Mukbang scenes (eating scenes) are not easy to film. While the cast has to eat the same food over and over again, the production staff also has to prepare and keep changing the food. As a result, some actors have been caught doing fake “eating” on shows and are being strongly criticized by Chinese netizens.

Angela Baby continues to become the talk of the town due to her fake eating scenes. She was caught pretending to eat in the drama “Love Yunge from the Desert”. Immediately after the drama broadcast, she faced harsh criticism from netizens who claimed that her fake acting broke their immersion in the drama.

angela baby

Later in an interview, Angela Baby explained that she had no choice but to follow the director’s instruction and pretend to eat because there was no food to replace for different shoots.

However, Angela Baby was once again spotted doing fake eating on the broadcast of an entertainment program. The program showed the actress eating puffed grain crackers, a traditional local food, but viewers noticed that she was not holding any crackers in her hand at that time.

As the controversy intensified, the program posted an explanation on their social media account. The production team said, “Everyone enjoyed the puffed grain crackers. She even ate dumplings and fried snails then why would she do fake eating for puffed grain crackers?”.

 Angela Baby

Apart from Angela Baby, many other Chinese actors have faced backlash due to fake eating scenes. Actress Shen Yue was also pointed out to have acted as if she was eating by putting her face close to the plate although there was no food on the plate in a drama, resulting in fans’ disappointment.

In a coffee CF, Ouyang Nana was also caught pretending to drink coffee as her lips barely touched the cup.

Source: Daum

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