Chae Rim leads content single mom life with her son, thanks to real estate business  

At age 44, actress Chae Rim spends full-time raising her son as a single mother.

Recently, Chae Rim posted on her personal SNS a photo of her son, drawing a lot of questions and concerns about the actress and her son’s current life. 

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It was not without reason that fans show an extra care for the actress. In 2014, 7 years after divorcing with her first husband, Chae Rim went public with a Chinese actor, Gao Zi Qi, who is 2 years younger than her. They got married in 2014 and welcomed their first son in 2017.

Two years later, however, information about Chae Rim’s second divorce started to circulate over the Internet. It was said that the couple could not find a common ground in their marriage, and Gao Zi Qi was not a faithful husband. 

At that time, Chae Rim brought her child back to Korea to live with her parents. 

In 2020, it was reported that Chae Rim and Gao Zi Qi were officially divorced, and Chae Rim won custody over her son. She dedicated all of her time to raising him. 

On December, 2022, Chae Rim appeared on “Brave Solo Parenting – I Raise” and revealed her everyday life with her son. Viewers showed support for her life as a single parent and expressed concerns over how she balanced her life. In response, Chae Rim thanked the viewers and said her life was going well. 

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On her personal SNS, Chae Rim frequently gives updates of her everyday life with her son. She maintains a healthy life style by waking up early and expresses contentment with her current life. As a single mother, she wants to give the best to her child. She takes him on various trips so that he can have a better look at the world. She also shares that she frequently takes him to Jeju Island during long holidays so he can live among nature. She also brought him to entertainment and fashion events so that he can understand better what his mother does for a living. 

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Currently, Chae Rim’s son can speak Korean and English fluently. One time, Chae Rim said that she cried when she saw a video filmed by her son, himself, saying he loved her, and that she was his treasure. 

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As a single mom, Chae Rim works her hardest to provide for her child. Chae Rim is reported to receive whopping streams of revenue from her real estate business. She owns estates in Gangnam, Gangdong-gu and on Jeju Island, which she uses for family vacation. 

In her latest update, the actress looked as stunning as ever at the age of 44. Though she has retired from acting, Chae Rim sometimes appears on TV shows or at fashion events. 

Source: K14

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