BLACKPINK Jennie made surprise appearance in BABYMONSTER’s reality show, “Rather than worrying about mistakes…”

The first episode of the reality program “Last Evaluation” to select final members for YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER has been unveiled.

Episode 1 released on March 10th shows 7 BABYMONSTER members being divided into two teams to complete different missions. 


Executive producer Yang Hyun Suk said, “To form a team, you can’t just put together members that are really good but I think it’s really important to think about the combination”. First, he selected A Hyeon with excellent vocal techniques, Pharita with an attractive deep voice tone, and Ruka with outstanding rap skills for Team A.


The three members, who had built a close friendship as they often hung out together, were excited to be on the same team. They received the mission to cover BLACKPINK Rosé’s “Gone”, then began practicing after distributing the parts smoothly as if they already knew each other’s minds and strengths.

As Team A continued practicing to improve the perfection of their performance, the members faced a challenge. The throat condition of Pharita, who was in charge of the most important chorus part that goes back and forth between falsetto and chest voice, worsened out of a sudden. Despite being taken aback by the unforeseen obstacle, the members quickly rearranged the parts and encouraged each other to continue practicing.


During the mid vocal check, senior singer BLACKPINK Jennie made a surprise appearance in the practice room to show them support. She gave sincere advice, sharing her own experiences when she was a trainee, saying, “Rather than thinking about things like ‘What if I’m not in tune?’ I think of how I’m going to shock everyone sitting out there. I promised myself like that”. Jennie impressed everyone with her professional side as a mentor.

Despite the increasing pressure of the upcoming evaluation, the three members continued practicing nonstop and shed valuable sweat while remembering Jennie’s advice. Ruka, who is from Japan, asked for Pharita’s help with her English pronunciation. Pharita made a demonstration and gave feedback meticulously, doing her best to help Ruka improve.


The day of the evaluation came before they knew it, and the three members went on the stage. The result of Team A and the mission of Team B will be revealed in episode 2 airing next Friday at midnight.

BABYMONSTER is a new girl group project launched by YG, approximately 7 years after the debut of BLACKPINK. The trainees are mostly teenagers, consisting of three Korean members (Ah Hyeon, Ha Ram, and Rora), two Thai members (Pharita and Chiquita), and two Japanese members (Ruka and Asa), with various talents in vocals, dance, rap, and visual.

Source: Daum

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