An actress from a drama that ended recently is showered with positive reviews from the public

Netizens are praising Han Soo-yeon’s acting skills in tvN’s drama “Kill Heal,” which recently ended.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Kill Heal” depicts the endless desires and desperate struggles of three women on home shopping, success and jealousy. The drama started in March and ended after 14 episodes on April 21st.

Actors Lee Hye-young, Kim Ha-neul and Kim Sung-ryeong appeared in “Kill Heal” to show off their acting skills. In particular, Lee Hye-young showed a charismatic appearance every time as executive director Kim Mo-ran.

Netizens are impressed by actress Han Soo-yeon, who starred with Lee Hye-young in the drama as Shin Ae, the wife of UNI home shopping boss Hyun-wook (played by Kim Jae-chul).

Shin Ae, played by Han Soo-yeon, is Hyun-wook’s wife and the daughter of a chaebol family, a two-faced character who is sweet on the outside but has a terrifying nature inside.

In “Kill Heal,” Han Soo-yeon completely melted herself into Shin Ae’s role and showed her surprisingly amazing acting.

In particular, she showed off her outstanding acting skills despite many difficulties, such as grabbing her senior Lee Hye-young’s hair or the scene where her face got wet.

Netizens praised Han Soo-yeon’s acting skills on Youtube’s comment section, saying “Where has this actress been?” “An actress like this should be famous,” “I got goosebumps the whole time I watched this series,” and “I hope she does well in the future.”

Han Soo-yeon was born in 1983 and is 39 years old this year. Since her debut in 2006 with the movie “The Quiet World,” she has played the leading and supporting roles in various works. Recently, she played Park Min-ju in the original TVing “King of Pigs.”

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