An acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho will disclose something on Oct 25th? Or is it just an effort from Kim Seon-ho’s fans to reverse the public opinion?

While Kim Seon-ho’s controversy seems to come to an end, the fact that Kim Seon-ho’s fans are trying to reverse the public opinion and a netizen claiming to be the actor’s acquaintance is planning to reveal something on Oct 25th is causing a stir in the industry again.

On the morning of October 21st, a netizen posted a comment in Nate, saying, “I’m going to make a confession. This was from a fan Kakaotalk chatroom that I went into when I was a fan of Kim Seon-ho. Now I’m revealing it here. I will stop being his fan”. This person also attached a screenshot for certification.

In the captured photo that was shared in the group chat contains this information, “Influencer. Relative with famous actors. Kim Seon-ho and her family have already met each other. They are dating on the premise of marriage. The ex-girlfriend is already rich enough to live in an 8.5-billion-won Galleria Foret apartment, but his current girlfriend is much wealthier than the ex. He disappeared and remained silent for the last 3 days to soothe his current girlfriend.”

In addition, this fan asked other members of the Kakaotalk chatroom to spread this article widely to other postal sites and online communities. This person said, “I think you all can post like this ‘Kim Seon-ho is going out with this woman, so his ex got jealous and exposed him’. It’s easy to make top comments if you have several Nate IDs. You can spread this to other sites.”

When another member of the group asked, “Is it okay to spread false information?”, the post author answered, “Reversing the public opinion is more important now”. In fact, the post shared in the chatroom was posted on Nate Pann also. When the fact about fans’ intention of reversing the public opinion was revealed, Internet users poured out criticism, such as, “Don’t you know what is even weirder? You guys are really doing everything you could”, “This would make the public opinion towards Kim Seon-ho get worse”, “They are dragging the second victim.”

After that, the controversy is expected to become more intense when a netizen claiming to be Kim Seon-ho‘s acquaintance posted, saying he will expose Kim Seon-ho‘s company. On October 19th, a netizen opened an SNS account and mentioned 2 actors by writing the initial consonants of their names and said, “I saw many similar cases that happened to celebrities before.” 

This person continued to reveal, “The reality in this industry is that during the contract period if you still want to leave the company after they say they will manage the risks and discuss all the disadvantages, you would be in danger.”

In particular, this netizen stressed that he is Kim Seon-ho‘s acquaintance, and he knows about the ex-girlfriend who exposed the actor. He said, “I don’t know if my revelation will benefit or do harm to anyone, but I will reveal everything based on the objective facts from the third person’s point of view”. This person also promised to make a revelation on October 25th.

Finally, he said, “I know this would be dangerous but I don’t want the truth should be buried like this. An acquaintance of Seonho visited his house at 3AM, but he didn’t respond nor answer. No one knows where he is. We have lost contact with him since the morning of October 18th. No one knows his whereabouts.”

It has yet been confirmed whether Kim Seon-ho‘s acquaintance made this SNS account or it was just created by fans to support Kim Seon-ho. However, before Kim Seon-ho‘s official position was announced, this account drew much attention by posting claims related to Kim Seon-ho‘s ‘private life’ scandal. Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was currently involved in a controversy related to his private life when his ex-girlfriend exposed him on an online community on October 17th. The ex-girlfriend claimed that Kim Seon-ho forced her to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage.

In this regard, Kim Seon-ho posted his apology, saying, “I want to apologize to that person sincerely”. Then the ex-girlfriend added another post under her accusation, saying, “We had misunderstood each other. I will not mention this problem anymore.”


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