Amid controversies, HOOK Entertainment reportedly shut down its office building

HOOK Entertainment remains silent amid controversies over Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue settlement and CEO Kwon Jin Young’s abusive language.

On the morning of December 7th, HOOK’s office building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul was still shut down. The ground door of the building was blocked, and only a few people could walk through the parking lot ramp to use the entrance door located in the underground parking lot. 


Customers and vehicles constantly came in and out of the building from early morning to visit the makeup shop on the first and second floors. Valet cars from nearby buildings also came through the underground parking lot of HOOK’s office. However, it was impossible to find HOOK’s CEOs, directors, or employees. The office on the fourth floor of the office building had curtains open, but all the lights were turned off. No sign of people could be found through the windows of the office.


Reporters tried to visit the office for accurate confirmation, but the building manager stopped them. The gatekeeper ignored all the questions about HOOK and kicked the reporters out of the parking lot. After then, the shutter of the ramp leading to the underground parking lot was also lowered to restrict outsiders’ access. 

On November 15th, Lee Seung Gi sent a certification of content to HOOK demanding the disclosure of his music revenue settlements. The controversy intensified after the recording of HOOK CEO Kwon Jin Young’s abusive remarks toward Lee Seung Gi’s manager was released. CEO Kwon then apologized and promised to take full responsibility for the issues.

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However, Lee Seung Gi began to take legal action and sent a notice of exclusive contract termination to HOOK. In addition, CEO Kwon was also embroiled in various other allegations, such as gaslighting, misuse of the corporate card, tax evasion, etc. In this regard, HOOK has not yet released any specific position. 

Source: Daum

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