The reason this handsome actor will be spending Christmas without a girlfriend for the 6th consecutive year

Actor Lee Dong Wook told fans about his Christmas plan. 

There is still a sweet celebration of Christmas in December before this year ends. People who have already set their Christmas dates may be listening to the carols and looking forward to December 25th. However, this special holiday may sound boring to those who don’t have a partner to share the warm at the end of the year.

Lee Dong-wook

There is also a handsome Korean star who has not had any lover to celebrate Christmas with for six consecutive years.

Actor Lee Dong Wook recently went on a ‘private message’ app and communicated with his fans.

He said, “With Jo Se Ho on Christmas? Luckily, I’ll be busy with my filming schedule this Christmas”, adding “I’ll be filming Christmas, the end of the year, and the beginning of the next year. Oh my”, announcing his special Christmas plan.

lee dong wook christmas plan

Fans seem to have asked Lee Dong Wook if he would spend Christmas with comedian Jo Se Ho this year. 

In fact, Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho are known as best friends and the two have spent Christmas together for the past 5-6 years because both have no lovers.

Lee Dong Wook also mentioned this when he made a guest appearance on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” last year.

lee dong wook you quiz on the block

At that time, Lee Dong Wook was asked, “I heard that you spent Christmas with Jo Se Ho and broadcaster Nam Chang Hee, is that true?”

He said, “To be honest, it’s been about 5 or 6 years since I spent Christmas like that.” The unexpected friendship of this trio surprised everyone.

Lee Dong Wook said, “We don’t do anything. We just meet, have dinner, have drinks together, that’s it. Around one or two in the morning, each of us goes home and sleeps.”

lee dong wook you quiz on the block

MC Yoo Jae Suk then said, “The reason Lee Dong Wook goes with Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee is to stand out on his own,” referring to Lee Dong Wook’s handsome looks and making everyone around him burst into laughter.

Previously, in 2014, Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho appeared together in SBS’s entertainment program “Roommate”. It seems that the two have been friends for a long time even after the show ended.

lee dong wook

Although Lee Dong Wook isn’t spending Christmas with Jo Se Ho this year, fans are speculating that Lee Dong Wook may not have had a girlfriend for 6-7 years, given that he is filming on Christmas.

With exotic visuals, soft voice, and top-notch physique, Lee Dong Wook has long captured the hearts of female fans with his charm that does not change over the years.

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