Jessica looks like a little girl in pigtails after joining a Chinese girl group

Former SNSD member Jessica is showing a new image after she became a girl group member in China.

On November 11th, Jessica uploaded to her YouTube channel a video of her October routine. Ever since her participation in the Chinese survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves” Season 3, Jessica has been staying in China.

In the video, Jessica can be seen taking photos of her commuting to schedules in China. The female idol repeatedly showed off her double-braided hairstyle and pigtails.

Jessica, who incorporated local styling, created a similar atmosphere with her local colleagues. Her appearance was so youthful she looked like a little girl.

In her videos, Jessica speaks mostly in English with her acquaintances, but she also speaks Chinese in her spare time.

Earlier, Jessica became a participant in the 3rd season of “Sisters Who Make Waves”, ranked 2nd in the finale, and became a member of a Chinese girl group.

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