BLACKPINK rumored to comeback with a full album and hold a world tour: Is this YG’s big plan before BLACKPINK’s contract expires?

Fans are all excited about the news of BLACKPINK’s comeback.

On January 5th, Joynews24 reported the 2022 plans of BIG 3 companies and HYBE. Especially, the promotion schedule of YG artists is attracting keen attention.

The article said, “Last year, BLACKPINK members focused on their solo debuts and gained outstanding achievements. However, YG’s performance was sluggish compared to that of other companies. Except for new songs released in January and March, TREASURE and iKON didn’t have any comeback. As the members are still serving in the military, WINNER couldn’t release any new group songs. There was no information about BIGBANG and G-Dragon’s comeback.” 

BLACKPINK comeback 2022
What is BLACKPINK’s plan for 2022?

Since YG artists have been on hiatus for a long time, there is a high possibility that the company will “speed up” in 2022. In the case of BLACKPINK, which is currently the top group of YG, the news reported, “BLACKPINK is preparing for a world tour and one new full album this year”.

The information reported by Joynews24 has stirred up BLACKPINK’s fandom. Fans have been waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback for over a year. When it is revealed that this comeback would include a full-album and a world tour, fans have mixed reactions.

BLACKPINK comeback 2022
At the end of 2021, fans edited BLACKPINK’s 2022 world tour poster because they were so “desperate”

While many fans believe BLACKPINK will have a grande comeback in 2022 to compensate for fans after such a long hiatus, there are also many comments expressing their doubts, because YG is known for their “bizarre” schedules and always postponing artists’ comeback. Last year, a source from industry insiders disclosed that BLACKPINK would make a comeback in the fourth quarter of 2021, but eventually fans were still disappointed because there was no announcement of BLACKPINK’s comeback. 

BLACKPINK comeback 2022

Some comments:

  • We’ll only believe when there’s a teaser.
  • A full-album and a concert are a must to make up for the 2 year hiatus.
  • Please don’t turn BLINKs into clowns again.
  • This year, making 2 comebacks and then doing a tour is compulsory.
  • Other idols’ schedules are public, idols even give spoilers themselves. Why are BLACKPINK’s schedules always rumors?
  • I don’t want to see the girls sing old songs at BLACKPINK’s concert. Let’s quickly release a new full-album.
  • 2023 is the end of BLACKPINK’s contract, not sure if the girls will renew. YG had better do all they can this year. BLACKPINK hard carries that company. They deserve better. 


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