All the Controversies Surrounding Lisa’s Crazy Horse Performance

Lisa (BLACKPINK) has just completed three nights of the most controversial performances in her career

Lisa from BLACKPINK has become the center of media attention due to her bold decision to perform at the renowned Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris, France. Despite facing mixed reactions, Lisa successfully completed all three nights of her performances, cheered on by close friends and family.

lisa blackpink behind the scene crazy horse

Her choice to perform at the iconic cabaret is being touted as one of the boldest decisions in Lisa’s career. While it is seen as a move to transition her image towards a sexier persona and break into the US market, it also carries significant risks for her career.

Media frenzy following Lisa’s performance announcement

As soon as Lisa announced her performances at the cabaret, she sent shockwaves across social media. While the details of her performance and the extent of its boldness were initially unknown, the decision by BLACKPINK’s youngest member stirred up a storm of controversy on social media.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Notably, a fanbase of Lisa in China decided to withdraw their support and removed all posts related to BLACKPINK’s youngest member. Lisa’s Instagram account was flooded with criticism and attempts to hinder her online presence.

Lisa’s media frenzy began with the announcement of her Crazy Horse performances


Subsequently, the Crazy Horse Cabaret’s CEO confirmed that Lisa would not have her own acts but would participate in existing performances alongside topless dancers. Many netizens were outraged, demanding that Lisa not be referred to as an “K-pop idol,” believing her decision negatively impacted younger fans and tarnished the image of idols, leading to misconceptions by international fans.

Despite the mixed reactions, Lisa’s performances left the audience in awe, thanks to her mesmerizing dance skills and stage presence. Many praised Lisa, affirming her status as a global star and hailing her performances as works of art.

Controversy over Lisa’s outfits and performance

Lisa’s appearances included five acts: “Taste Of Champagne,” “Miss Astra,” “But I Am Good Girl,” “Crisis? What Crisis!,” and “Miss Astra Is Back.” Her costumes ranged from equestrian attire with tight shorts, black boots, a short bikini jacket, a diamond-studded dress, a button-up shirt paired with an A-line skirt, and a black bikini.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Despite her total stage time being only around 10 minutes, each appearance left the audience dazzled by her dance skills and stage presence. Notably, Lisa removed a black silk sash from her bikini top and tossed it into the crowd, exciting the audience.

Controversial images circulated on social media

Immediately, what were believed to be explicit images of Lisa started circulating on social media. However, some fans pointed out that certain images were edited or fake. They noted inconsistencies in her hairstyle, clothing, and body proportions compared to Lisa’s actual appearance. Additionally, security measures at the venue were strict, with attendees subjected to thorough checks, including metal detectors, preventing the use of phones or cameras to record Lisa’s performance.

lisa blackpink crazy horsev
A spectator recounted their experience of being thoroughly checked before entering the show, confirming that the images of Lisa circulating on social media were fake.
Therefore, these images are merely the result of photo editing.
lisa blackpink crazy horse
Netizens recognized that the girl in the photo was not Lisa.
lisa blackpink crazy horse
Fans reconstructed Lisa’s outfits from the performance through the descriptions provided by the audience.

Lisa’s largest support comes from her family, friend and rumored boyfriend

In contrast to the public’s opposition, Lisa received immense support from close friends, including three BLACKPINK members, Rosalía, Austin Butler, Kaia Gerber, and the family of LVMH CEO – Bernard Arnault, including his son Frédéric Arnault.

However, these stars faced backlash for supporting Lisa’s decision, with many accusing them of diminishing women’s value. Critics argued that the celebrities’ endorsements had a negative impact on their image and the perception of young fans.

lisa jisoo rose rosalia crazy horse
BLACKPINK’s members…

Lisa’s primary support comes from her mother and her rumored boyfriend’s family. Her mother’s presence at the cabaret to support Lisa demonstrated her complete support for Lisa’s decision, despite Lisa’s earlier admission of being afraid to wear a bikini because of her mother’s disapproval.

Throughout her performances, Frédéric Arnault remained calm, applauding when Lisa appeared on stage. Notably, the rumored boyfriend’s mother was also present, showing affection and love towards BLACKPINK’s youngest member.

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