Ahyumi revealed on “Cultwo Show”: “My ex-boyfriend broke up with me because I touched his private matters”

Ahyumi revealed her actual love experience in the past.

Koyote Bbaekga and Ahyumi appeared as guests in the “Love Situation” section of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” which aired on March 11th.

On this day, Kim Tae-kyun asked about what kind of a lover Ahyumi was after saying “Bbaekga is the kind to pours in everything he has.” In response, Ahyumi replied, “I’m a little similar to him,” adding, “I tend to give my everything, cry out in tears and make a fuss.”

Ahyumi Cultwo Show

Ahyumi said she had never suffered significant financial damage due to having a lot of doubt. When asked “But if you doubt everything, wouldn’t you refrain yourself from giving everything?” by Bbaekga, she confessed that “I’m not like that when dating. This is also a problem. Because I believe everything my partner says.”

Ahyumi Cultwo Show

Kim Tae-kyun wondered if she had ever lent money when she was in a relationship. Ayumi replied, “I’ve never done that, but I have seen my boyfriend being scammed.” “I do 120% in love, so I have no regrets when we broke up. There was something bittersweet in that. After breaking up, my ex often asks me to meet him a few days later. I never do,” she said.

Ahyumi Cultwo Show

She couldn’t hide her surprised expression behind her words. “I did it a week ago”, she said, adding that she also registered for the right to rebroadcast just a week ago. Bbaekga also said, “That’s how you get money. I didn’t know it either. I only registered after talking to the manager”. Kim Tae-kyun said, “What a loss. It was because you didn’t know about it. If ‘Cutie Honey’ had been registered on time, you would have earned an enormous amount’.

Ahyumi’s “Cutie Honey” was released in 2006. Appearing on a broadcast in 2019, Ahyumi explained, “I wrote the lyrics for ‘Cutie Honey’. I didn’t know people would like it so much”, adding, “The original song includes the word ‘butt’. Then I found the Korean words that sound similar to the original lyrics and wrote it”.


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