New stills of actress YoonA in the video teaser for the upcoming romantic comedy “King the Land”

New stills of actress YoonA in the teaser for the upcoming drama series “King the Land” was released, drawing attention.

Recently, JTBC released a new teaser for the romantic comedy “King the Land” on their official Instagram account. The video teaser gave a glimpse into the general setting of the drama and the central characters in it.

In particular, YoonA stood out from the teaser by showing a range of emotions: she can be joyful and reserved in one minute and angry in the next. The sheer variety of emotions helps establish a bright, cheerful character who is not afraid to stand up for herself. This type of character is already YoonA’s strong suit; therefore, fans have high hopes that the actress will pull it off immaculately.

YoonA captivates attention with a shy expression
With an angry face, YoonA still conveys a cute charm

In the romantic comedy “King the Land”, YoonA plays Cheon Sa Rang, a hotelier with a bright personality and a radiating smile. She is the opposite of Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho), the heir of the King Group, who was dragged into a battle for inheritance and cannot fake a smile.


Cheon Sa Rang and Goo Won live in two polar-opposite worlds. When they fall in love, things take a different turn.

“King the Land” will air every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.

Source: k14 

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