HYBE’s strategic partner: V and Jennie’s dating rumor is false, YG creates unhealthy environment?

An alleged representative from HYBE’s strategic partner suddenly spoke up regarding V and Jennie’s dating rumors.

On May 21st (Korean time), Mohammed Abdullah, who is allegedly the representative of CAA, HYBE’s strategic partner, published a statement on his personal Instagram, and seemed to have mentioned the dating rumors of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie.

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In particular, Mohammed Abdullah wrote on his Instagram story:

“As the representative of the CAA, HYBE’s strategic partner, I will address the next,

We are fully committed towards our partners and we understand the media pressure that occurs because of the yellow media agencies. 

As a supervisor for the creative work in both of the agencies and being the representative of the CAA, I deny all the rumors that (are) going viral on social media about (a) BTS’s member. For now, the rumor about a relationship is not likely to occur, when the artist or his agency will be ready to share, they will release a formal statement. 

In the terms of privacy and the private life, we respect the work of HYBE corporation and the efforts they made to protect their artists without affecting other agencies. Exporting a warning for YG management for their attempt to create (an) unhealthy environment.

All the formal websites will be shared next. I want all the people to take the formal statements only from the authorized websites. 

I’m alone responsible about this statement in front of the law.”

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It is known that CAA (Creative Artist Agency) is the strategic partner of various large corporations such as HYBE, Man of Creation, Awesome Entertainment, and Hollywood Records, among others.

Source: Instagram 

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