BTS V Turns Streets of Paris into a Catwalk in First Appearance After Alleged Date with BLACKPINK Jennie

BTS V created a buzz with his irresistibly handsome looks on the streets of Paris.

On May 21, BTS V was spotted on the streets of Paris, France. In his first appearance after his date in Paris with BLACKPINK’s Jennie was captured, V impressed with his perfect visual and sculpted features.

Dressed in a fancy outfit, V turns the streets of Paris into a catwalk, leaving fans in awe of his visuals.

bts v
V showed up in public after the leaked dating video with Jennie. Through unedited photos taken with a phone camera, V captivates fans with his irresistibly handsome appearance.
V looks like a male lead from a romance drama
bts v
V showcased his prominent high nose and sculpted features.
bts v
V showed no noticeable attitude or expression in his first public appearance.

Source: k14.

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