IVE, special Christmas gift “Spend a happy day with your loved ones and IVE”

On Dec 24th, the agency Starship Entertainment released the Christmas special video “Payback” through IVE’s official YouTube channel.

“Payback” is a track from “I’VE MINE”, which was released in October. To celebrate Christmas, IVE presented a special video full of year-end vibes for DIVE (official fanclub name).


In a warm and cozy atmosphere, IVE conveyed a Christmas message under the title “Dear. DIVE”. Jang Wonyoung wrote a letter and hung it on the tree, while Rei held a gift box and smiled. Liz showed a playful side by holding two teddy bears and letting them kiss each other. Leeseo, matching the lyrics “So don’t hurt my heart. How dare“, joked around with Jang Wonyoung. Gaeul, wearing a headband adorned with snowman dolls, transformed into a cute Rudolph, while An Yujin evoked smiles with her cute smiley eyes and mischievous appearance.

Afterward, IVE prepared for a Christmas party. Wearing various props symbolizing Christmas, they took photos, played pranks and created special memories. Completing the Christmas party with a girlish charm, IVE made a wish on the cake and greeted everyone with “DIVE Merry Christmas“, spreading happy energy.

IVE also sent handwritten messages such as “Spend a happy day with your loved ones and IVE“, “Merry Christmas“, “DIVE Merry Christmas. Spend a warm Christmas with IVE“, “DIVE Merry Christmas. Let’s spend a warm year-end together“…

Meanwhile, IVE established their presence as a “4th-generation representative group” in 2023. They will continue to meet fans by unveiling the first episode of their self-produced content “1,2,3 IVE” at 11 PM on Jan 1st, 2024.

Source: Daum

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