Idols taking off their ear-pieces: A Normal but Charismatic Act on Stage

We usually see idols take off their earpieces on stage, but not everybody understand why they do it.

Kpop are used to scenes where their idols take off their earpieces with a “cool” attitude. However, besides performing effects, have you ever wonder about the true reason behind that action?

Earpieces are similar to headphones, but this particular type of earphones used by idols on stage is significantly different. They’re called “in-ear” earphones, specially designed for singers and artists who perform on stage that they can eliminate unwanted noises such as the audience or extra instruments that can pose as a distraction while the singers are singing Therefore, removing an ear-piece while performing could make the artist go off-tune or miss a beat since they would be hearing a jumble of various noises without them. Nevertheless, many idols still choose to remove them occasionally. So what’s the reason?

Idols always have their own ear–pieces

Sometimes it’s because the audio in the ear-piece is malfunctioning or maybe it was improperly adjusted before the performance.

One reason is because of the malfunctioned audio

Other times, it’s extremely difficult for the singer to raise their voice high while singing, as their own voice combining with the audio inside the ear-pieces can irritate them badly, causing them the need to remove their ear-pieces as soon as possible.

Other reason is the soud is too loud

But there are artists that take it out so that they can hear their fans better. By not hearing the audio inside their earphones, they’re able to talk with their fans more personally and comfortably. What an amazing purpose!

Idols want to get closer to their fans

Many viewers think that the idols who dare to take off their earphones are actually excellent and well-trained singers, because they’re still able to keep their voice stable and match the beat perfectly and not distracted by other noises at all. Taeyeon, Baekhyun, Jaehwan and many other idols in Kpop that have this habit deserve compliments for their outstanding performing skills.

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