All the times BLACKPINK members use items sent by fans as gifts

BLACKPINK always treasures fans’ gifts. 

Besides visuals and talents, BLACKPINK is also known for their love for fans. The members always appreciate the huge support they receive from fans all around the world. A proof of this is how much they treasure fans’ gifts, even the smallest items. 

Recently, Jennie shared new photos of her on Instagram and created a buzz with her doll-like beauty. A special thing about this post is Jennie’s outfit. She was wearing a black and grey checkered dress from a Danish brand that costs $285. This is a gift sent to Jennie by her Chinese fans. In the past, a LED frame with Jennie’s name given to her at a fansign was also spotted inside the female idol’s room, showing how grateful she is for what fans gave her. 

Jisoo made fans emotional when they found out she was using a fan gift for three years. In 2018, Jisoo received a Dior Lip Glow lipstick from Chinese fans, and it was revealed through a live broadcast in 2021 that Jisoo still kept this gift. 

As for Rosé, she always uses a scrunchie given by Vietnamese fans that only costs around $20. During her business trips or vacations, Rosé is often spotted tying her hair with this scrunchie or wearing it on her wrist. 

After buying a house in Korea, Lisa had her own space to display fan gifts. An air purifier she received from fans was spotted inside Lisa’s house. This gift is a great addition to Lisa’s home, making it look more elegant. 

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