Ahn Eun-jin – the actress who has participated in 13 dramas in 3 years

Ahn Eun-jin has always worked hard and tried to fulfill each of her roles well for the past 3 years

In the dramaHospital Playlist 2 that ended recently, Ahn Eun-jin showed off the charm that anyone would fall in love with by the role of OB/GYN resident Chu Min-ha – a part of ‘Gomgom couple’. After first debuting in a drama in 2018, she worked hard as an ant to the extent that she participated in 6 dramas in 2019. 


The actress appeared as Kim Moo-young’s wife in Kingdom and played an important role which was a key point in the development of the work. In “Possessed” and “Strangers from Hell”, she respectively played the role of a police officer who has a simple love or unlocks the key of the drama. In “Diary of a Prosecutor”, she calmly performed the funny acting, which gave viewers a lot of laughter.

Ahn Eun-jin worked hard not only in 2019. She has appeared in a total of 13 dramas in 3 years from 2019 to 2021.  It is the number of appearances that makes other people jaw-dropping. This year, she also took part in 4 works including ‘Hospital Playlist 2’.

It is reported that Ahn Eun-jin was cast as the lead in “Only One Person”, the new drama that is going to air in December. In this work, she will work with Red Velvet’s Joy, Kim Kyung-nam, Kang Ye-won and play a character who meets the truly precious ‘one person’ in her time-limited life. 


As she will have to take on roles that are more difficult and have a higher proportion than now, I will look forward to her constant activities in the future.

Source: Daeum

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