“Their relationship is like that”… CL’s conversation with “this person” is attracting enthusiastic reactions from fans

The funny conversation between singer CL (Lee Chae-rin) and Coca-Cola Korea’s official Twitter admin is drawing keen attention from fans.

On August 25th, CL shared a video posted by a fan on her SNS account along with the caption “You know, ‘Dr Pepper’ and ‘Sprite’ are actually friends. Right? That’s actually the relationship between ‘Dr Pepper’ and ‘Sprite’.”

The video she shared showed the audience singing along to CL’s “Doctor Pepper” at the Waterbomb Festival sponsored by Sprite in Jamsil at the end of June. 

The admin of Coca-Cola Korea’s official Twitter account shared CL’s post and added the caption “I also want to be friends with CL Unni. #Like and comment for a meeting with CL”, drawing laughter.

The post about CL is currently attached on top of Coca-Cola Korea’s Twitter account as the main tweet. 

2ne1 cl

It is known that CL usually enjoys drinking tea and she only likes Dr Pepper among all the soft drinks. In 2015, she released a song called “Doctor Pepper” and proved herself as a real “Dr Pepper maniac”.

Referring to the mysterious atmosphere from the conversation between CL and Coca-Cola Korea, fans commented, “Please collab right away!”, “Give CL a Coca-Cola CF~”, “Let’s get it~”, etc. Expectations are high on whether CL will become a Coca-Cola advertisement model as fans wish. 


Meanwhile, CL recently released a music video for her new song “Chuck”.

Source: wikitree

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