IVE and “LOVE DIVE” voted by most industry insiders as 2022’s Singer and Song of the Year 

Most industry officials selected IVE and “LOVE DIVE” as Singer and Song of the Year. 

On the occasion of its 18th anniversary, JoyNews24 conducted a survey on Korean dramas, movies, actors, singers and entertainment programs that shine brightly in 2022. The survey had the participation of 200 industry insiders, including those working in entertainment and television broadcasting companies, broadcast and content producers, entertainment reporters,…


Voting results for Singer of the Year:

1. IVE (47 votes)

2. BTS (38 votes)

3. IU (36 votes)

4. Lim Young Woong (31 votes)

5. BLACKPINK (26 votes)

6. NewJeans (10 votes)

7. Stray Kids (7 votes)

8. NCT, (G)I-DLE (5 votes)

Other artists appearing in the survey include: Nayeon (TWICE), aespa, MONSTA X, SNSD, TWICE, WSG WANNABE, ATEEZ, PSY, Taeyeon (SNSD), SEVENTEEN, HYNN

Voting results for Song of the year:

1. LOVE DIVE – IVE (62 votes)

2. Attention – NewJeans (30 votes)

3. TOMBOY – (G)I-DLE (21 votes)

4. Pink Venom – BLACKPINK, Hype Boy – NewJeans (12 votes)

5. After LIKE – IVE, At That Moment – WSG WANNABE (10 votes)

6. Feel My Rhythm – Red Velvet, Still Life – BIGBANG (9 votes)

Other songs that appeared in the survey include: FOREVER 1 (SNSD), FEARLESS (LE SSERAFIM), That That (PSY), New Thing (ZICO), Our Blues, Our Life (Lim Young Woong), Winter Sleep (IU), Shut Down (BLACKPINK), Reference (Lee Mujin), If We Ever Meet Again (Lim Young Woong), Yet To Come (BTS), DrunKen Confession (Kim Min Seok), Girls (aespa),, Twenty Five, Twenty One (Jaurim), Love, Maybe (MeloMance). 

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