Brave Girls Minyoung found her dog 7 hours after disappearances, “A fan found it”

Minyoung, a member of girl group Brave Girls, reunited with her dog after 7 hours of its disappearance.

On November 8th, Brave Girls Minyoung posted an Instagram story with the caption, “I found my dog. Thank you very much to everyone who helped. An anonymous fan found her.”

The female idol then added, “I have been searching for 7 hours since she got lost, thank you so much. My dog must have been very surprised and scared, her his eyes were red and her fur was all dirty. Thank you very much.”

Brave Girls Minyoung

Earlier on the same day, Minyoung asked for help regarding her missing dog, saying, “While taking a walk near Jagok Intersection in Gangnam-gu, my dog was startled by the sound of a passing car and suddenly ran away and missed the leash. She’s a mixed dog, cream color, 6 kg.”

The female idol also posted a photo of her dog along with the caption, “She was wearing the outfit in the photo and wearing a leash. If anyone has her or spotted her somewhere, please contact me.”

Brave Girls Minyoung

Back in August, Minyoung adopted a female dog who was rescued from an abandoned dog shelter.

Source: nate

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