Kim Sae-ron Employed As Manager At Famous Cafe, “She’s Working Full-time, Not Part-time”

Kim Sae-ron, who has suspended her acting activities due to a drunk driving accident, got a job as a manager at A Cafe in Seongsu-dong

According to a report by TV Daily, Kim Sae-ron recently got a job as a full-time manager of a cafe located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. She is in charge of managing not only the counter but also the entire store. Kim Sae-ron reportedly showed an active attitude toward her work, such as serving the customers enthusiastically without hesitation.

Kim Sae-ron was caught hitting guardrails, trees on the street, and transformers repeatedly while driving under the influence of alcohol in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the morning of May 18th, 2022. The accident caused a power cut in the area, causing damage to the business of numerous stores. After the accident, the actress wrote a letter of apology on her SNS account.

kim sae ron

It is known that Kim Sae-ron is experiencing financial difficulties as she had to compensate people who suffered damage in the drunk driving accident and pay penalty fees to her former agency. As such, she has been doing various jobs, such as working part-time at a coffee shop in Oksu-dong or conducting acting classes for aspiring actors.

However, with her current income, it is not easy to pay all the penalty fees. According to insiders, Kim Sae-ron has been having a hard time mentally due to negative public opinions. Despite that, she has bravely taken over the manager position at a cafe in Seongsu-dong and is directly serving customers to overcome financial hardships.

A close acquaintance of Kim Sae-ron shared, “It is true that she has officially become a manager at a cafe, but she is not retiring from the entertainment industry. While reflecting on her past mistake, Kim Sae-ron is focusing on recovering her life. As time goes by, she will calmly consider her next acting project”.

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