Kim Soo-hyun’s Rapid SNS Deletion Sparks Lovestagram Rumors with ‘Queen of Tears’ Co-Star Kim Ji-won

Actor Kim Soo-hyun quickly deleted a photo he posted on SNS, sparking various speculations among netizens

On the 1st, Kim Soo-hyun uploaded several photos to his personal account, wearing a black suit. In the photos, Kim Soo-hyun showed off a chic yet playful charm while his neat and flawless styling excited fans.

However, Kim Soo-hyun deleted the photos and instead posted a video of clouds taken from an airplane.

Some netizens speculated that he deleted the photos because they were similar in composition and atmosphere to Kim Ji-won‘s last post. On the 26th of last month, Kim Ji-won shared a post on her SNS wearing a black cutout dress while attending a Dior event in Taiwan. Her elegant visual and cute poses garnered attention.

kim soo hyun kim ji won

Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won starred as a couple with both exciting and poignant storylines in the tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears,’ which ended in April, creating a lot of shippers among the audience. This led to opinions that Kim Soo-hyun might have deleted the photos to avoid unnecessary ‘lovestagram’ rumors.

What’s certain is that the ‘deletion incident’ has heightened the public’s engagement. Some netizens reacted playfully, saying, “I’ve already seen the photos,” “Why did he delete them? It’s intriguing,” and “Seeing them together, their visuals are amazing.”

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won are currently meeting fans worldwide through their Asia fan meeting tour.

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