aespa show how close they are as all 4 girls share a shirt

This is indeed one of the most aespa’s favourite items these days

If members of the same group are wearing the same outfits, it is not unusual. But an item that has been worn by all four generations of a group is pretty unusual. Surely, the members of aespa are so close that they all share a shirt as well.

This flannel shirt appears basic at first glance, yet it is a favorite of all four girls. Winter was spotted going along the street wearing an oversized shirt, leggings, and white sneakers.
Karina’s style is quite casual and lively, as seen from the back. She combined with a fashionable cross-body bag in addition to jogger pants and high-neck Converse sneakers.
The same shirt, but Giselle makes it look cooler when mixed it with a Givenchy t-shirt and black boots.
The dark-color shirt contrasts with Ningning’s light blonde hair, emphasizing her fashionable and appealing appearance.
This is not the first time fans have seen aespa wearing the same clothes. Before that, both Giselle and Karina wore the same plaid shirt in 2 different styles.
The aespa members show that they are very close by constantly sharing clothes and accessories.


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