Ahn Bo Hyun & Shin Hye Sun kiss and sleep together in “See You in My 19th Life”, “You want to sleep with me that bad?”

“See You in My 19th Life” Ahn Bo Hyun and Shin Hye Sun shared sweet moments after officially dating.

Episode 10 of tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “See You in My 19th Life”, which aired on July 16th, showed Seo Moon Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun) and Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye Sun) officially becoming lovers.

Ahn Bo-hyun Shin Hye-sun

Ban Ji Eum traveled to the place that appeared in her memory of her first life 1000 years ago with Seo Moon Ha. Finding out that Moon Seo Ha booked accommodation with two rooms, Ban Ji Eum expressed her dissatisfaction, saying “Why are there two rooms? One plus one is one. We’ve also slept together when we were little”. Moon Seo Ha replied, “Cho Won was there too”.

Later, Ban Ji Eum saw the past of her first life in her dream and found out that her name was Soo and the man resembling Moon Seo Ha was Han Ya. She asked herself, “Who was it that called my name?”. Ban Ji Eum then went to the room where Seo Moon Ha was sleeping, she wondered, “Are you really the man from a thousand years ago?”.

Ahn Bo-hyun Shin Hye-sun

Feeling Ban Ji Eum’s touch on his face, Moon Seo Ha said, “Do you want to sleep with me that bad? I’ll let you then”, then kissed Ban Ji Eum. The two hugged each other tightly and spent the night together. 

The episode ended with Ban Ji Eum remembering the moment she held a knife intending to kill Moon Seo Ha because he hurt Yoon Cho Won (Ha Yoon Kyung) in her first life 1000 years ago.

Source: Nate

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