After Produce48, Mnet’s Produce 101 will come back?

Recently, a rumor over the comeback of Produce101 season 4 has spread widely.

After the success of the first two seasons with the two winning groups, I.O.I and WANNA ONE, Mnet decided to collaborate with AKB48 to release Produce48. After more than three months of broadcast, Produce48 has found out the winning girl group, IZ*ONE. Although there has emerged a lot of controversy over the final result, the great success of Produce season 3 should not be denied.

mnet, Produce48

With the great success of the previous three seasons, there is no doubt that Mnet will continue to produce one more season. At this time, it is high time that Produce recruited male trainees.

Many netizens commented that Mnet’s investment in the Produce series was like producing a drama series. The quality of candidates does not match the rankings, making the fans lose trust in the transparency of the program. Netizens also highlighted the incredible failure of the trainees from Pledis, represented by Kim Jonghyun and Lee Gaeun.

Even so, the fact that WANNA ONE will end their contract soon makes the fans look forward to a new boygroup who will debut from the reality show.

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